Tray Deee from Tha Eastsidaz: Prison Interview

Attention all BIG TRAY DEEE FANS: This is the Big Tray Deee interview as promised. These are the questions fans and members posted on RAPTALK.NET, shouts out to lunatic 63 for helping out with this. Nothing has been reworded, renamed, edited, rearranged, removed, in other words I typed up all of his answers in the exact same way he gave them to me. This is just the beginning of the FREE BIG TRAY DEEE movement. I will have more updates on his situation and what’s being done while he is away. Stay tuned! 


*Tray Deee from Tha Eastsidaz: Prison Interview*

1. How are you holding up in prison?

I’m just stayin’ active physically (exercising, playing handball & b-ball),

writing my semi-autobiography and studying Management and Psychology.
This is not my first prison bid, so I know how to walk these calendars off,
 plus handle mines need be. I’m cool.

2. When are you supposed to be released?

My EPRD (Earliest Possible Release Date) is 2013, however these California prisons

 are so overcrowded (by nearly 55,000 inmates) that they are being pressed by the Feds
 to ease the overflow, so who knows what might transpire between now and then. 
One thing that I ask of all you is when you see something on your state ballot, regardless
 of which state you’re from, concerning justice or any benefit to prisoners, and you have
 the right to vote, look into it and vote. Whether pro or con. And don’t be influenced by
 the scare tactics that the ultra-conservative right-wing politicians promote through
 the mass media.

3. What are you going to be doing when you get out?

That time is so far in the distance that I can not say at this juncture.

 More than likely not, it will be involving something in the music/entertainment industry.

4. Do you plan on ever releasing any unreleased music?

Most of my unreleased material is on Foe Life Records. They have the hottes

t music on the West Coast, I guess my comrade big Del Dog is waiting to secure the best
 possible deal for his label.

5. What’s the story with you and Snoop Dogg right now?

There really isn’t a story. We had a great history making g’d up hits together, and I grew

 very close to him and his family. I erroneously[..]umed that the feeling was mutual, but
 discovered when I’d gotten new management (no fault of my first manager) that my and
 Goldie Loc’s recording contract only gave us 1% of our royalties due. The standard royalty
 rate then was 12 to 16%. That knowledge caused us to fall out, animosity and gunplay
 ensued, and that was the conclusion of our relationship all the way around.

6. What’s your current relationship like with Goldie Loc?

Nonexistent. Totally nonexistent.

7. Would you consider ever reforming Tha Eastsidaz?

Not at all. I recognize that the love, trust and camaraderie that I conferred to those dudes

 was not reciprocated in the least. I therefore, could never pretend to bond and vibe with
 someone that I care nothing for.

8. Are yourself and Bad Azz still good friends?

I really like Bad Azz as a person, and I would[..]ociate with him again, but friends don’t

 allow 5 years to elapse without any communication whatsoever. Peace to his moms

9. Does TVT Records own the rights to what was to be the third Eastsidaz album

 “Gang Bang Music?”

Yes they do.

10. Will you be rapping once again when you’re released from prison?

I’m going to let the fans decide that one for me.

11. Has your incarceration changed you in any way?

Yes. Realizing Allah (God) blessed me to achieve with the talent that he gave me and how

 I became so caught up in my own image that I sacrificed everything, family, fame and
 fortune for the sake of maintaining my reputation in the streets, has caused me to
 reassess what were once my priorities (money, material, possessions, respect,
 multiple secks partners and things of that nature) and now seek to build an everlasting
 with the Creator by being humble, thankful, and much more responsible
 in my life.

12. Would you ever consider taking on any managerial roles in regards to getting more

 music out of the LBC?

Certainly. There remains an abundance of talent in Long Beach City and it just so happens

 I’m studying a 642 page Management book at this time (Robbins & Coulter ninth edition).
 However, I would to get out from behind these walls first, as managing is quite the hands
 on job.

13. How do you feel about the state of the west coast right now?

Where I’m currently located (central California) there’s only one “Hip-Hop R&B” radio

 station that comes in clearly and it plays the same recycled format as all of the other
 Top 40 radio stations, so I don’t get to hear what’s hot in the streets. But from what I do
 hear, things are not good at all. I got wind of a “New west Order” in the making though, so
 there might be an impending resurgence. Let’s pray for one soon, ‘cause they have some
 real live BULLsh*t in rotation
 from most everywhere else. Real Talk.

14. Do you think the rap game would be any different if you were a free man right now?

Perhaps. One things for sure, you’d have some real hard music to knock a dent in your


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