Katt Williams Ordered To Pay $577,929 For Dog Attack

Katt Williams Ordered To Pay $577,929 For Dog Attack

Katt continues to wild out.  In his newest drama-filled episode, a judge has ordered Williams to pay over half a million dollars to a man after Katt ordered his dog to attack the other man's dog.

It all started when Merion Joseph Powers set up a meeting with Katt to discuss Williams' $28,000 studio bill.  Williams showed up to the studio meeting with an attack dog and gave his dog a "verbal attack signal" to attack Powers' dog.  Powers' dog nearly died in the attack.

They had another meeting at a hotel room, where Katt allegedly used his attack dogs and bodyguards to try to threaten Powers to not press charges.

All this came out in court, and the judge ruled in Powers' favor for $577.929.  Not a bad pay day for Powers.  Hope his dog is ok.

Katt Pack

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