Soulja Boy’s Third Studio Album Sells a Dissapointing 13,000 in the first week

How many copies of ‘The DeAndre Way Sell In The First Week?
Soulja Boy may have lost his swag on the charts?  No that’s not a typo. His recent album The DeAndre Way sold 13,000 copies.  The recent release of new music and videos from him did not do well on the deejay circuit.  His buzz may have toned down from the Myspace magic he created earlier in his career.  It’s been a crowded field recently and we asked earlier if Souljah boy still had his swag.  
“Speakers Going Hammer” wasn’t as appealing on turntable spins we count/view as his earlier hits and views were much lower of his videos and on his social media assets.  Remember the Twitter beef with Fab?  That may not have helped him move units.. It is the digital era however, anybody can make a comeback.  Let’s see if his any new releases from him pick up pace for his album- The Deandre Way.

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