Game Talks R.E.D. Album: “Expect Everyone Except Jay-Z And 50″

Game has gotten a great reception from the fans with his latest mixtape Purp & Patron, now he has people on the edge of their seats anticipating the oft-delayed upcoming album R.E.D. Game talked about how much different R.E.D. is going to be from P & P.
“The mixtape shit is incredible by the fans’ choice, but I know my music and the album is 20 times better than the mixtape,” he told “It’s just a mixtape. I had no intention that it was going to be this big of a deal, but if people are raving over this mixtape like that, then the album is nothing to play with.”
Game will be bringing along the entire industry for a guest spot on his next album, except two big names.
“Oh yeah, Wiz is on the album, Chris [Brown] is on the album. Pretty much everyone is on the album,” he explained. “Whoever you could think of. Except Jay-Z and 50.”
Game explained that R.E.D. is almost done, and it should be out within a couple of months.
“The album is going to be finished within the next couple of weeks so you can be looking for Interscope to get behind the single and push it and deliver a date,” he declared. “The shit that’s on The R.E.D. Album is incredible.”

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