Beyonce and Jay Z Fight at Concert

Jay Z disses one of Beyonce's songs during concert in LAHere comes the heart brake for alleged newlyweds (they have yet to confirm their holy union) Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z. In a recent concert for presidential candidate Barack Obama, rapper Jay Z publicly dissed one of his wife's songs, the one called “Crazy in Love” thus causing their first official spat as a married couple.
The whole thing went down at the Hollywood Bowl in LA, where Jay Z held a show for Obama with lots of celebrities in the audience (which only makes matters worse). He got up the stage and got the party going with a few comments addressed to president George W Bush and then started rapping over some songs. But when the DJ thought it would be cool to have Jay sing over his wife's song “Crazy In Love” he goes and does the most unexpected thing: he goes up to the microphone and asks for the song to be changed, and quick by saying “F**k that. Sorry B but f**k that – let's play something else”.
Luckily for him, Beyonce wasn't on stage with him or who knows what would have happened. But Beyonce was present, sitting next to the stage up to that point, singing along to the music and dancing. Her hubby's statement was enough to kill her good mood and to make her storm off. And because you're probably dying to find out the outcome of this little mishap, let's just say that Jay got a piece of Beyonce's mind when he came off the stage.
She confronted him about the dis. Says a witness: “After he come off the stage, she confronted him, demanding to know what the hell his comments had been about. She was gesturing wildly and not looking happy”. What did Jay do to get out of this tight spot? “Like any good husband, Jay Z grovelled and tried to get out of it with compliments”.
But fret not Beyonce and Jay Z fans, the couple is not heading towards a divorce just yet, because later on in the evening they were seen holding hands and smiling. Of course, they are both known for being very composed persons and it could all have been an act, a temporary truce until they get home and work it out. Anyway, this was their first official married spat, so congrats!

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