After all those interviews where Trey talks about how girls can’t take the d*ck I guess he went out and found a dude who can! The gay rumours have plagued Trey’s career along with his below average sales since day one. Sandra Rose has often times described Trey as “The Struggling Performer” until his recent hyper change of luck. His current hyper sexualized image has been perceived by some to be a reflection of him trying to dispell gay rumors…a form of overcompensation of sorts.
Hmm. I guess his song ‘Bottoms Up’ really did mean something.
 Check out what Bossip’s spies had to say about Trey
Brandon Deida is a 24 year old NYU grad who works in A&R for RocNation after spending some time at Sony.The two met the day before the MTV VMA’s.
“They’ve been inseparable ever since,” says the source, “but everything is very lowkey.”
 They have managed to not be seen together because of their elaborate efforts to avoid them being in the same place at the same time. However Trey can be seen in and out of his boy’s job at the 1411 Roc building. Since he has finished his tour with Monica he has some spare time on his hands to go show Brandin what the meaning of ‘Bottoms Up’ really is!
“Trey is in Seattle right now preparing for the OMG Tour which starts tomorrow,” the insider tells Bossip, “and Brandin is there also, presumably on “business”.”
  They stay in seperate hotel rooms, ride in seperate cars and still have managed to be found out by those close in Trey’s circle. We all know how freaky Trey is and after being hemmed up with girls all day he probably wants to let loose on his new boo at night.
“Everything they do is very elaborate,” the source says of their attempt to cover up.”They don’t ride in the same cars either.”
After Trey’s tour with Jigga earlier this year he is said to be signing a big deal with RocNation which isgoing to give Trey a lot more time to lay it on thick with his alleged boyfriend but ultimately is going to throw them both in the rumor mill big time. 
“The two are very private and scared about anyone finding out about their relationship, but it’s just a matter of time until things start coming out,” Bossip’s source predicts.
We’ve been saying it all along and it’s only a matter of time it all comes out… like Trey Songz’ s vocal trouble coming from his ‘oral hobbies.’ STAY TUNED! More pics of Brandin Deida below:

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