Khia Blasts Nicki Minaj “She is nothing but a “Ghostwritten”, Weezy-wannabe WHORE!”

Khia, best known for her hit single “My Neck, My Back”, took to her blog to express her distaste with Nicki Minaj and her new album “Pink Friday.”
The Tampa, Florida femcee proceeds to state that Nicki Minaj should be shot on site, and then adds that she would be queen of the game if you gave her an album without any cameos.

This bitch needs to be SHOT on site. So while these bitches are fighting over whose ASS SHOTS are the biggest, give me an album without any CAMEOS and then you can talk to the Queen….. Cuz I carry this shit on top of “My Neck and My Back,” Solo Hoe! Hell…….Even on top my head, fruit baskets and all!
Khai continues on to address the Young Money rapstress’ new album.
Real Talk…… It smells WORSER than the gas that’s coming out of my ASS, from all of the Turkey that I ate over the Thanksgiving weekend. Someone needs to give this BITCH a FLEET Enima and “FLUSH” her IMMEDIATELY, She is nothing but a “Ghostwritten”, Weezy-wannabe WHORE!
Before reviewing Nicki’s “Pink Friday”, Khai gave a final thought, to let the fans know she’s not a hater, and that she went out and purchased “Pink Friday” which led to her displeasure.
“I don’t want to sound like a hater because I did go out and spend my $13.99 on this”Mop-flop” of an album. So hopefully this review will give this BLOW-UP doll a little more promotion….. They built this “Bear” right before our eyes! No hate intended…. Real Talk.”
To read Khia’s “Pink Friday” review where she bashes Nicki Minaj track by track, head over to her blog by clicking here.

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