Soulja Boy Tell Em
 has come forward to update fans on the status of his relationship with Lupe Fiasco weeks after playfully taunting the rapper's lyricism.
According to Soulja Boy, hip-hop heads can expect to hear them on a record together in the near future.
"Yeah, man, we was talkin' about that," SB told of a possible collaboration. "He was like, 'Let's do a song.' I'm on this crazy, hectic schedule right now, and I really don't like working through e-mail, I'd rather be in the studio and feel that energy. So, when I get time to get in the studio, we'll make that happen...He hit me up. We chopped it up on the Twitter, on [Direct Message]. We chopped it up over the phone. It was nothin'. He already know how the media get; controversy sells. It's nothin' but love." (XXL Mag)
Speaking at a Radio One Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina last month, Fiasco offered his input into Soulja Boy's initial lyricism comments.
"He don't want to be 'super Lupe Fiasco lyrical' and say stuff people don't understand," Fiasco said during a Radio One Conference panel in North Carolina. "That's putting the context on it [but XXL Magazine] were actually talking about his songs. So they said, 'Why you got records where you're really going lyrical?' Lyrical in the sense where you're using metaphors, similes, double entendres, big words. They're like, 'Why do you have songs like that but then on the same time, you got songs like 'Pretty Boy Swag' which you're not lyrical at all.' [Soulja Boy] said, 'Well every song doesn't have to be super Lupe Fiasco lyrical.' Every song has to be what that song is. Some songs have to be simple because they need to be simple, because you can't rap that many words on it. Just using that as a simple example. Some songs are just a hook and a beat and you don't need to get in the way of that. Some songs are a wack beat and you got to keep working on it -- you gotta make this outfit work because it don't really match -- every song doesn't have to be super lyrically complex and at the same time, too, you need those songs that 'are' like that. There's the balance but that's a completely artistic, subjective thing. Subjective in that it's just what you want. There's no rules in the music business and don't nobody know what's going to work. Half of it is we all do it the best that we can, be academic about it and the rest is I hope the world is going to like it." (The Source)
Soulja Boy initially stated he felt Fiasco's rhymes were too difficult for listeners to comprehend.
In XXL's November 2010 issue, on stands now, SB tells us he has grown as an MC. "I can't keep playin' around, because if you keep playin' around, people are gonna think you're a joke," he said in the piece, written by contributor Matt Barone. "At some point, you have to get serious." But don't get it twisted, Soulja doesn't wanna be the next Lupe Fiasco. "I don't want to be super-Lupe-Fiasco-lyrical and n*ggas don't know what the f*ck I'm talking about," he added. "I want to be the best," he continued. "I want to be recognized in that category where I'm nominated for Best Rapper with Jay-Z and Kanye and Wayne. I wanna get a Grammy. I want Best Rap Album of the Year... I've made millions of dollars off of doing my style, but, hey, I can rap, too." (XXL Mag)
Following Soulja Boy's comments, Fiasco hit up Twitter to shed light on the situation.
"SUPER LYRIC DAT HO! YUUUULE!!! @XXLStaff: Soulja Boy: "I Don't Wanna be Super-Lupe-Fiasco-Lyrical"...," Lupe tweeted yesterday (November 4).
"I like the lil homey Souljah...he doing his each his own..M.O.E!" (Lupe Fiasco's Twitter)
Check out Lupe Fiasco speaking on Soulja Boy Tell Em below:

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