Soulja Boy Speaks On Friendship With 50 Cent

Soulja Boy On Friendship With 50 CentSoulja Boy opened up about his friendship with 50 Cent, whom he sees as something of a mentor. According to the 20 year old, Fiddy has gone out of his way to be a big brother and educate him on the pitfalls of the industry and hopes to prevent Soulja Boy from making the same mistakes he made as a youngster.
"To have 50 have my back, that's definitely exciting, it's an achievement," Soulja said in an interview. "50 don't mess with no rappers. When I came out, there [was] a lot of people that was hating on me [and] felt like I wasn't real to the game -- don't hate the player, hate the game -- 50 shed light on me and he came to my defense. He just wants me to do my thang. Me being 20 years-old, he just always gives me advice and tips so I won't make the same mistakes he made when he was young. Ain't really no other older rapper did that, except for my homie Gucci [Mane]. But me and him being from Atlanta, being from the South, we got more in common than me and 50, so for 50 to come out and do that--that's real big."

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