Joan Rivers Calls Michelle Obama “Blackie-O”

Joan Rivers is known for pushing the envelope but the comedian's remarks about First Lady Michelle Obama may have taken things too far.
The 77-year-old soon to be reality TV star appeared on the “Howard Stern Show” Tuesday where she revealed that she jokingly called The First Lady “Blackie O”, a reference to Jackie Kennedy Onassis.
According to Rivers she previously nixed the joke from her stand-up routine because she feared she'd be called a racist.
She tells Stern,
“We used to have Jackie O now we have Blackie O…I think it's an adorable joke... I thought it was a compliment!"

While Stern's Black co-host, Robyn Quivers laughed she also added,
"Where's the compliment in that? I'm looking and looking, I'm trying to find it.”

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